Yoga Therapy

Yoga assists you in a variety of ways. Each yoga asana (physical postures) have specific structural and functional effects on the body.

Yoga and alignment

Yoga postures are based on ancient geometrical shapes and should be practiced with attention to good alignment. Over time the asanas can improve the entire body structure and its systems.

For example:

  • Cardiovascular system
  • Endurance and fitness
  • Respiratory system
  • Lung capacity and breath
  • Digestive system
  • Digestion and absorption
  • Endocrine system
  • Hormonal balance

A regular yoga practice is a great form of do – it – yourself preventative medicine.

What to expect when joining a yoga therapy class

We offer a structured yoga practice that focuses on reducing pain and physical limitations concerning each person as an individual.

In this class you will learn how to use yoga postures and other complimentary techniques to sequentially strengthen and lengthen (stretch) the muscles in your body.

Lengthening your muscles is an essential component of any form of training weather rehabilitation, sports or recreational activity.

This class will also help trigger the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) to balance the body and bring its response system back into equilibrium.

Why choose yoga with us?

Unlike most other general group classes we empower our students with deep insight of their own body & mind. Teaching our students how therapeutic Yoga can assist them in achieving health and well-being.

What results I can expect?

In most cases you will notice a significant improvement in your posture, mobility, flexibility, core strength and reduced stress level.

How much and how long?

It is highly recommended that you attend minimum of 10 classes to initiate a change in your body. These must be followed up with regular Yoga practice to realise the benefits of therapeutic Yoga. You can choose to participate in a group Yoga class for your regular practice or do it yourself at home. We advise our students to undertake 1-2 personalised session to focus on individual needs or advance training.

Is it covered by Health Insurance?

Some Health Insurance provider gives you rebate if you are member of a gym or regularly attending fitness program like Yoga. Our 10 class pass is equivalent to a fitness program.

Pricing and Timetable

To chat to one of our friendly staff and make your booking here.

Where are yoga classes held?

58 Maygar Street, Windsor, Queensland. See map below.

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