Musculoskeletal Therapy

Musculoskeletal Therapy is an alternate treatment option to muscle, ligaments and joints related injuries such as;

  1. Muscular tension or inflammation due to bad posture, overuse, repetitive strain (e.g. working on computer for extended period) and impact from sports
  2. Ligament Sprain or tear due to accidents and excessive repetitive stress on joints (e.g. Ankles, wrist, knee or lower back)
  3. Joint sprain, subluxation or general wear and tear due to incorrect posture, structural misalignment, arthritis, rheumatoid and sports (e.g. Spine, neck, shoulder, hip)

Unlike other forms of massage therapy, Muscular and Skeletal Therapy includes technical assessment of your skeletal structure, joint movement muscle strength & tension level to determine the root cause of the existing condition. A suitable treatment plan is designed by your therapist to either cure or improve the underlying issue or issues. A plan may include applying various treatment techniques over multiple treatment sessions.

Why should I have it?

Musculoskeletal Therapy helps relieve acute pain, improved physical well being and prevents long term damage to your posture and muscle memory.

What results I can expect?

In most cases you will notice a significant improvement to your existing condition within 2 sessions. Non chronic conditions can be eradicated if a holistic treatment plan designed by your therapist is followed.

How much and how long?

Your first session is recommended to be a 90 minutes, this includes initial assessment and first treatment session. Your second or subsequent session are usually 60 minutes, this includes ongoing assessment and treatments.

Is it covered by Health Insurance?

Yes it is covered through most Private Health Insurers based on your benefit package. Please confirm your rebate with your Health Insurance provider. HICAPS facility is available for automatic refund.

Available Treatment Techniques

  • Dry Needling
  • Cupping
  • Deep Tissue
  • Stretching and Contraction
  • Cross Fiber Friction
  • Joint Mobilisation and Traction
  • Tappoing
  • Trigger Points
  • Rehabilitation

Our trained therapists are happy to tailor your relaxation massage to suit you.

Price: 60 min – $90

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